Lassi Walla Glass

This traditional piece of healthy Art would be very familiar to a north Indian house hold and if famous as Lassi Waala glass, even today am sure there are plenty of households in Punjab that will have it in one of their closet.

Here am going to be talking about P-TAL’s journey in introducing this piece again today in the market, and it was really a task a true story of revival. When artisans who has actually seen generation and generation of this craft flyby refuse saying that “market mein nahi bikega” the reasons were obvious, nobody was buying brass anymore and the glass that offers 750ml is bit too much in this era, but

P-TAL took it as a challenge.

Punjab is known for its capacity of milk consumption and lassi (Buttermilk) is the staple with its lunches. With modernization our capacity of consumption have gone low and our appetites have decreased but we felt that people would still love to have it as a piece of art. And our journey of launching this product back to the market began. As a designer it was very easy for us to hunt down this design for replication Traditionally known as ‘Kade waala Glass’ why because it has a curved circle at the bottom to give it stability on the plane surface, a simple version of glass this big would be very unstable on the plain surface, its really intriguing that how people even 150 years ago was using logic behind everything earlier there were no set standards of things so a plain logic that they used then can today be personified as trend.

Later after understanding the logic behind it we went on to motivate one master artisan “Manohar Lal ji” to make it for us and he was the only one artisan there who was in for experimentation and believed in this Legacy, and in a week we had our first piece of kade waala glass ready. Than afcoarse the next step is market testing.

Without much of an effort in our first exhibition in Chandigarh, there was this great level of nostalgia people felt when they looked at it and were ready to pay the amount we were quoting for this piece, it was in September 2017, and as truly said what goes around comes around today we have around 3 more artisans who are happy to make this piece and we have launched a design of 350ml for this product, because I really doubt anytime soon that our apetite will match that of the people 50 years ago, that’s a different topic all together.

The happy part for P-TAL is in 2018, we started seeing copper everywhere in the market, and well it is the right time to be in the market. People are following the trend of Yoga and are becoming health conscious in all right ways. Ayurveda is again becoming important part of our economy and we at P-TAL are trying to keep our customer updated with this positive change, because nobody can overlook the health benefits of these metals, but there definitely are lots of myths associated with it.

by Kirti Goel