Ayurvedic Metals & its Benefits


Copper, one of the oldest metals used by man, a pure element found under the veil of nature occurring as a natural mineral. The earth contains the metal copper, a vedic cure being used since years to improve health.
Water stored overnight in copper, been consumed first thing in the morning is the best start to your day. Copper not only kills harmful bacteria in water but adds nutrients necessary for your body and helps in proper absorption of it. It improves your skin and premature aging of the human body, with the pollution in the air, maintain the glow of your skin by drinking water from copper.
In today’s fast moving world, we need the health secret of our forefathers, simply replacing your vessels from steel to copper helps reducing cholesterol, control thyroid and boosts your immunity.
Bring a small change by buying pure copper utensils and bring back the traditional health care methods in modern designs to improve your well being.


An alloy of copper and zinc – Brass, a metal that has a shine like Gold, stores ancient health secrets in itself. The composition of brass makes it the perfect metal to cook your food in, as you add flavours to your dishes, brass adds nutrition to it. Unlike other metals, brass preserves 95% micro nutrients, utensils made up of brass were used for cooking ages ago, why not continue the Indian authentic way of improving your health, Ayurveda.
Brass helps in providing healthier hair and produces required amounts of melanin in skin. Melanin is extremely important to ensure the health of your skin and protect it from harmful UV rays.
Find your way back to nature and enrich your bodies with nutrients from Brass.

Bell Metal (Kansa)

Kansa, Bell Metal or Bronze, a mixture of copper and tin, formed by blending two pure metals from earth, is an ancient symbol of healing. Kansa has antiseptic properties that help your body to heal and remain healthy. ‘Eat from Kansa’ , serve food in Kansa utensils and enhance the nutrition of your meals. As you make your favourite grandmother’s recipe, add the special element of Kansa as she would have served it to you, in the metal that was used in every kitchen in her times.
Kansa cures the internal imbalances of the body and strengthens bones. It promotes healthy red blood cell formation and regulates various ailments like Thyroid as it ensures regulation of the thyroid gland. Let mother nature heal your body as you delve deeper into the purity of Earth enjoying your meal. Make a ‘Healthy Kitchen’ as to add Kansa Kitchenware to your healthcare tips.

Ancient history supports these metals for balanced health, its high time we make it a Trend.